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Mare E.ion E.ion System

  • The new LED lights bring together suitable lighting, a low energy consumption levels, 1W, and they also last a long time.
  • Stainless steel filters with 5 aluminium layers for a higher level of efficiency over time. It is possible to wash them in the dishwasher.
  • Using a special perimeter aspiration system, motor capacity is concentrated within a limited space; this increases air pressure and all around provides a much better distribution of aspiration. all hoods with perimeter aspiration are equipped with soundabsorbing panels.
  • Falmec offers a wide variety of motors for any type of need. Besides the efficiency aspect, special attention is given to noise reduction, with more comfort in the kitchen as a result.


Cristal templado negro

Sistema E.ion de purificación de aire

Esmaltado interior

Sistema de aspiración perimetral

Botonera touch control + sensor "Hoja" optimización aire

Iluminación LED 4 x 1W

Filtro combinado Carbón.Zeo regenerable

Filtro antigrasa TOP inox lavable

Kit cables 110 cm.

Versiones Disponibles

Mare E.ion® Negra Isla  66 cm 450 m3/h


Black Glass
  • Isla 66 cm

    Peso neto: 29 kg

    Voltaje: 220-240V~   50-60Hz   - 160 W

    Isla 66 cm