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Aquae 2015 - Expo Venice

Collateral event of Expo Milano 2015


Aquae Venice 2015 is the great universal exhibition, the unique official side event of Milan Universal Exhibition dedicated to food and feeding, from which is patronized, scheduled from May to October 2015.


A wonderful world, a journey of experiences and performances matching water and food, through a sea of flavors and stories.


In Aquae, feeding is a knowledge experience as well as of entertainment, in which culture, emotions, leisure and science connect each other: a series of various live experiences into an exhibition and multimedial path typical of a contemporary exhibition, an entertainment, pleasure and knowledge place, where food and experience in food preparation and consumption are used as universal communication code.




Aquae Venezia 2015

via Ferraris 5

Venezia Marghera 

Monday and Tuesday 11.00 am / 8.00 pm

From Wednesday to Sunday 11.00 am / 11.00 pm